Shower Trailers

We offer different sized shower trailers for everyday and event use.

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1. The small deluxe shower trailer has two shower stalls.

Sani-Hut small deluxe shower trailer

2. Our large deluxe shower trailer has eight shower stalls and two restrooms.

Sani-Hut large deluxe shower trailer

3. Our five stall shower trailer.

Sani-Hut five stall shower trailer

4. The three stall shower trailer.

Sani-Hut three stall shower trailer

Sani-Hut three stall shower trailer

5. Inside view of shower with garment bag.

Sani-Hut shower - interior view

6. Our portable single shower units are a welcome addition to any site or event.

Sani-Hut single portable shower unit

Sani-Hut portable single shower unit - interior view