Job Trucks

Sani-Hut offers trucks to handle any size job. Special service trucks are available for more complex jobs. We can move your semi-van trailers, small 8' x 20' office trailers, or up to 12' x 60' office trailers. Other services are also available. Contact us for more information.

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1. Our 1-ton hotshot delivery and service truck.

Sani-Hut 1-ton hotshot delivery and service truck

2. Our 1-ton service truck.

Sani-hut 1-ton service truck

3. Our mid-sized service truck.

Sani-Hut mid-sized service truck

4. Our large service truck.

Sani-Hut large service truck

5. Our restroom delivery truck.

Sani-Hut restroom delivery truck

6. Our trucks also deliver storage buildings

Sani-Hut storage building delivery truck

7. Our 5,000-gallon tractor trailer.

Sani-Hut 5,000-gallon tractor trailer